Where we buy

We utilize market conditions and new opportunities to ensure our clients maximize profits.

How it works

We help you understand the factors and trends that determine the value for your net mineral acres.

Why selling has its advantages

We provide a wide range of consulting services designed to help our clients make quality decisions.

Working with landowners and investors alike.

Our belief at Steel City is to have a diverse portfolio to spread investment risks over several sectors. This is the same reason you should do so as well. We like to inform our clients on many options to reduce debt and maximize their investments.

Steel City Mineral Fund III, LLC was established by a group of Real Estate investors that wanted to diversify their portfolios and establish a strong investment in domestic energy resources. Steel City Mineral Fund believes in US Energy independence and what better way to boost our independence by investing in American Energy.  And, we can do it in our backyard. Locally owned and operated in the heart of the Oil and Gas Capital of the East (Washington Pennsylvania)! Steel City is headquartered in the heart of the renowned Southpointe Business Park. We believe if you are going to invest here, you should live here. We take those same core principals and ethics and apply it to how we treat all of our prospective clients. Honesty, integrity, fairness, diligence, and trustworthy are a few of the ways our clients describe us. We understand that there are risks that are involved in all aspects of the oil and gas industry, so we try to help you eliminate the risk and reap the rewards.

Steel City has its own team of geologists, reservoir engineers and land professionals to help expedite the research that is needed in order to give you a free, no obligation offer on your oil and gas royalty rights in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio. Steel City wishes to build a long relationship with landowners and the communities in which we choose to invest. Steel City goal is to hold a large acreage position in the Marcellus and Utica Shales.

We speculate across a broad area to spread risk, which is inherent to oil and gas exploration. We regularly add to our large, diversified portfolio buying both small and large purchases, from $50k to 50 million.  This is where we feel most comfortable, but we will review all deals on a case by case basis.