Do you own oil and gas rights or oil and gas royalty in the Marcellus and/or Utica Shale? Interested in selling oil and gas rights and/or oil and gas royalty in Pennsylvania, West Virginia or Ohio?

If so, Steel City Mineral Fund would like to talk to you about your options to sell all or part of your oil and gas rights. At Steel City Mineral Fund our approach and process is easy and straightforward.


To make the best offer on your property we need to know how great it is.  We gather County and Township, Parcel number, copy of the oil and gas lease and any correspondence you have recently had with the operator regarding your property.


Our team of oil and gas experts will identify your property on our data base and will be sent over to our engineers to come up with a production assessment of your property.

We base our evaluations on a number of criteria including, lease operator, acreage position, well results in the area, royalty and lease terms, geology and proven reserves.


This is the easiest part. We will have our staff contact you and tell you how much it’s worth! The hardest part is deciding what to do with all that extra cash! You can then decide what’s best for you. Should you sell all and spread that investment out over safer investments or sell half and keep a smaller portion for retirement? We will leave you to answer those questions.